Bell to work with Vector Institute on artificial intelligence research

Bell says the partnership will help drive innovation that will benefit customers and the industry as a whole

Telecommunications giant Bell is entering a partnership with Vector Institute to advance research and applications relating to artificial intelligence.

The institute is dedicated to studying AI and works with various companies and organizations to drive research and development.

Bell notes this partnership will help the company continue innovating in the telecom sector and be a part of emerging AI technologies in Canada and across Bell.

“Bell is thrilled to collaborate with Vector and the work they’re doing in developing new research and expertise in artificial intelligence in Canada,” John Watson, group president of customer experience, said in a statement. 

“Fostering the development of new technologies within our borders helps Canadian industry, and in turn, benefits Canadians. We are proud to help accelerate innovation in this field so that we can harness AI for applications at Bell.”

The company says it’s currently using AI in all lines of business and will continue to do so to identify areas to improve its operations and customer experience.

Source: Bell