Sonos drops mic from Roam speaker and $30 from price

Give me a Move SL next, please

Sonos has released a new version of its ultra-portable Roam speaker called the Roam SL. This version drops the microphone and has a lower price.

In Canada, the Roam SL starts at $199, which is $30 less than the fully equipped Roam.

This is a decent deal, but after spending more time with the regular Roam, it stopped working randomly one day. I also found the single multi-use button on the back of the device confusing and struggled every time I needed to go from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth.

I still find myself using my Sonos Move way more than the Roam since taking the Roam out to use as a speaker on a hike or something was always a test in frustration. My older and cheaper UE Wonderboom 2 has been a much more reliable device, even if the Roam does sound a bit better.

If you are really interested in getting a Sonos Roam SL, you can pre-order it today from Sonos’ website for $200 and it will ship on March 15th.

Image credit: Sonos