The DeLorean is back, but this time it’s an EV

The EV is set to be revealed in 2022


There truly are no original ideas, but at least this one is tied to a pretty cool looking roughly 40-year-old car.

In a new brief teaser, the DeLorean Motor Company showed off a glimpse of the return of its iconic car, stating that “The future was never promised” and “Reimagine today.”

The approximately 15-second video also offers a glimpse of the DeLorean’s iconic gull-wing doors and includes several search-friendly hashtags, but beyond this, nothing else is revealed about the car. It’s unclear how close the new electric vehicle (EV) DeLorean will stick to the original car’s design, but based on this short teaser, it seems to be a more modern take on the iconic car’s blocky design.

The new DeLorean is set to be revealed at some point in 2022.

The original DeLorean was sold between 1981 and 1982. Along with its unique design, the $25,000 USD (roughly $31,000 CAD) — equivalent to $71,000 USD (about $90,000 CAD) as of 2020 — car is best known for being a very underpowered vehicle. The original DeLorean Motor Company shuttered operations back in 1982.

Most likely know the original DeLorean from Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future film franchise, which released several years after the car’s demise in 1985.

It’s unclear if Back to the Future is also getting a remake to go alongside the new DeLorean EV.

Image credit: @deloreanmotorco

Source: @deloreanmotorco