CRTC revokes licenses allowing international telecommunications traffic for 75 companies

The companies failed to follow the conditions outlined by the commission

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has revoked the basic international telecommunications services (BITS) licenses of 75 companies for not following the rules.

The CRTC authorizes companies with these licenses to carry telecommunications traffic outside Canada.

Licensed companies have several conditions they must follow.

There are annual reporting requirements, and they must keep their information with the commission updated and provide notice within 30-days of any changes.

Companies also can’t engage in ant-competitive behaviour that will lessen competition in the sector.

The CRTC sent the companies with revoked licenses a notice on December 3rd. They were given until December 17th to file the requested information. They could also represent themselves to the commission and explain why they didn’t meet the conditions required of BITS license holders.

Eazy Communications, PanOrion Quebec Inc., and Telkel Inc. are part of the long list of companies with revoked licenses. You can view the complete list here.

Companies will receive hefty fines if they provide BITS without the appropriate license, the CRTC warns.

Source: CRTC