Pokémon meets Wordle with ‘Squirdle’ where you have to guess the Pokémon

'Who's That Pokémon?'

I love Wordle, but it looks like I might have a new favourite word puzzle game. Pokémon die-hards will be pleased to learn about Squirdle, a letter-based guessing game that’s a spin on the Wordle puzzle concept.

In Squirdle, you have to guess the correct Pokémon out of all 898 Pocket Monsters. The game doesn’t use blocks for letters, though. Instead, the blocks represent the following: generation, elemental type 1, elemental type 2, height/weight, in that order.

Green means you guessed the correct Pokémon, red means you’re wrong and up and down arrows represent newer, smaller or lighter. Yellow also means you managed to get one of the two types correct.

Below is an example of a Squirdle game board:

While I have pretty extensive knowledge of Pokémon, finding the correct one out of all 898 is no easy task.

Source: Squirdle