Here’s every Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra colour

If you want an exclusive S22 Ultra colour, you need to buy the smartphone directly from Samsung

Samsung has brought back the Galaxy Note form factor with the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, and if you want it in a fun colour, this is how.

Often Samsung will limit the best colour options to devices sold on its website. That means carriers and Best Buy will likely sell the phone in ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Phantom Black,’ ‘Phantom White’ and ‘Green.’

Samsung’s online exclusive colours are a more silver/grey-tinted ‘Graphite,’ a very distinctive ‘Sky Blue’ that seems to match the Samsung bespoke fridges, and finally a burnt ‘Red.’ Notably, all of these phones still feature black top/bottom rails so the colouring isn’t as cohesive as the ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Green’ variants.

They still look nice, but it seems like these are just the ‘Phantom Black’ phones with different coloured backplates and S Pens.

You can view all the colours below:

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Source: Samsung.com