Spider-Man: No Way Home may be coming to digital in February [update]

A previously listed late February release date has since been confirmed to be inaccurate

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Update 11/01/2022 at 11:25am ET: A widely circulated February 28th digital release date for Spider-Man: No Way Home is inaccurate, according to U.S. digital movie store Vudu.

In a statement to Comicbook.com, Vudu said its site had incorrectly listed the February 28th date and there is no confirmed digital release timing for Spider-Man: No Way Home at this time.

Given that the film continues to perform well at the box office, it’s possible that Sony and Marvel don’t see the need to yet confirm an official date for when you can begin watching at home. For now, it’s possible that the film still hits PVOD in February, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Original story below:

Spider-Man: No Way Home will swing onto digital platforms on February 28th.

The date appeared on U.S. premium video on demand (PVOD) service Vudu. The big Sony/Marvel blockbuster first opened in theatres on December 17th.

Some fans had been wondering when No Way Home would become available for streaming, especially amid concerns surrounding the Omicron COVID variant. In Canada, theatres in Ontario and Quebec have already been closed for this reason.

Vudu lists the purchase price of No Way Home as $19.99 USD (about $25.34 CAD), so it will likely be $24.99 in Canada on regular PVOD platforms like iTunes, Google Play, the Cineplex Store and Amazon Prime Video.

Picking up immediately where 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home left off, Spider-Man: No Way Home finds Peter Parker grappling with the world finding out he’s Spider-Man. In an effort to make everyone forget, Peter seeks the help of Doctor Strange, only for a botched spell to bring in Spider-Man villains from across the multiverse.

Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon, Marisa Tomei, Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx.

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