Starlink’s ‘Snow Melt Mode’ seems to be really good at attracting cats

The SpaceX-owned company's dishes offer rural internet, and a way for cats to stay warm

Starlink’s satellites have an unintended purpose.

The satellite internet company that aims to offer internet services to rural and remote communities around the world with its dishes has a knack for attracting cats with its warmth.

Starlink user Aaron Taylor snapped a photo of a Starlink dish covered in cats enjoying its warmth with the device set to ‘Snow Melt Mode.’

The feature “produces additional heat to mitigate signal attenuation caused by snow build-up on the face of the user terminal,” and apparently, also attracts felines looking to keep warm in cold winter weather.

Starlink currently has 140,000 subscribers worldwide and is available in 20 countries, including Canada.

In late 2021, the SpaceX-owned company confirmed that it was delaying the delivery timeline of Starlink dishes to 2022 for some customers due to the ongoing worldwide silicon shortage.

Source: @Tippen22 Via: Tesmanian