This custom iPhone 13 sports part of the 2007 iPhone’s motherboard on its back

Caviar is only making 19 of these custom iPhone 13 Pro models

Custom iPhone maker Caviar has released a new Phone 13 Pro series device that includes parts from the original 2007 iPhone.

Designed to pay homage to late Apple founder Steve Jobs, the custom iPhone has Jobs’ signature laser-etched to the lower case of the device, which is made of titanium.

Titled the iPhone 2G, the device is technically an iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max, with all the features of the current-gen device but has a portion of the original 2007 iPhone’s motherboard embedded in the rear Apple logo.

Check out the image below for reference:

The smartphone’s rear cover also features the device’s internal components etched together, with lines connecting all the components and flowing directly into the central motherboard.

“They are striving towards the center of the world — the Apple logo — like a circulatory system pushing blood towards a pulsating heart,” reads Caviar’s iPhone 2G description.

The custom device is available in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models, with the former’s price starting at $6,990 USD ($9,023 CAD) and the latter capping at $8,610 USD ($11,114 CAD).

It’s also worth noting is that Caviar is only making 19 of these custom iPhones, so if you’re someone who is passionate about the fully functioning collectible and has a ton of cash to burn, you should act fast.

Learn more about the custom device here.

Image credits: Caviar

Source: Caviar