Google Canada offers training to Indigenous job seekers in tech field

The investment is valued at $600,000

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Google Canada has announced funding to train Indigenous people looking for jobs with digital skills.

The company is committing $600,000 towards the initiative. $500,000 will go towards the Recording Futures IT training program by ComIT, an initiative created last year.

The charity links struggling job seekers with companies looking for IT professionals by offering programs that teach tech skills. The funds from Google created the Recording Futures program that specifically focuses on teaching IT skills to Indigenous learners. Covered topics include HTML, CSS, and other coding applications.

$100,000 will go towards Indspire, a charity that focuses on the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people in Canada. The money will specifically be used towards job and training programs, and scholarships to be used towards courses offered by Google.

“The social and economic hardships felt by many during this pandemic have brought some heavy truths to the surface and we now have an opportunity to build back a more inclusive and resilient economy,” Sabrina Geremia, vice president of Google Canada, said in a statement.

“We’re proud to support ComIT and Indspire to deepen our commitment in digital skills training in high-demand fields, create opportunities for Indigenous job seekers entering the tech workforce and increase Indigenous representation in our technology workforce.”

Image source: ShutterStock

Source: Google Canada