Halo Infinite to get new modes, including dedicated ‘Slayer’ playlist

Some of the multiplayer additions will arrive before the holidays, while others (like Social Slayer) will come in the new year

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been an absolute blast, despite several legitimate criticisms from players. (Master) Chief among them is the inability to select specific game modes — thankfully, that should change soon.

Currently, Infinite runs on a ‘playlist’ composed of various game modes, like Capture The Flag, Slayer (the games deathmatch mode), Oddball and others. While having a random playlist isn’t an issue, the lack of dedicated playlists for specific modes has been a point of frustration for Infinite players.

It’s made worse by the game’s contentious battle pass system, which requires players to complete specific challenges to make progress. Some challenges require people to play specific game modes — with a randomized playlist, those can be frustrating to complete.

343 Industries’ community manager, John Junyszek, tweeted on Friday that the team was working on a Social Slayer playlist, along with adding other popular game modes and playlists from past Halo titles, such as ‘Fiesta,’ ‘Tactical Slayer (SWAT),’ and ‘Free-For-All.’

Junyszek notes that the changes won’t go live by December 8th — when Infinite’s campaign goes live — but the team is working to get the changes out before the holidays. However, the Social Slayer playlist won’t be ready until next year.

So far, 343 has generally done a great job listening to players, communicating plans and implementing changes to address criticisms. For example, 343 added a new, always-available ‘Play 1 Game‘ challenge and later increased the amount of XP given for the first six matches played in a day. Both changes were implemented to address concerns with the battle pass, which players felt took too long to progress due to restrictive challenges and low XP rewards.

Source: John Junyszek (Twitter) Via: The Verge