Google Maps reveals Canadian holiday shopping trends like when the mall is busiest

Google Maps' new 'Directory Tab' aims to help you find the store you're looking for in a large mall

Google Maps is helping Canadians strategize their holidays by revealing user trends, including popular shopping times, food and even by adding new features.

According to Google Maps, the worst time to buy groceries is 2pm on Saturday and the best time to go is 8 pm on Saturday. Further, the best time to head to a large shopping mall is Thursday, and if people aren’t at the grocery store, apparently they’re shopping because the worst time to head to the mall is also Saturday at 2pm.

The best time to go to the airport if you’re leaving your home for the holidays is on a Friday evening and the busiest time is Saturday at noon.

Overall, the best time for a meal this holiday season is around 11am on Friday, and, as expected, the busiest time is Saturday evenings.

According to Google Maps, Chinese food was the most popular cuisine ordered on Christmas Eve. And on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, Japanese food is the top search (oddly enough, last New Year’s Eve, I ordered sushi).

Google Maps has also listed the 10 most popular attractions, according to reviews:

  • Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto
  • Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre, Toronto
  • The Orpheum, Vancouver
  • Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver
  • Maison symphonique, Place des Arts, Montréal
  • Le Bordel Comédie Club, Montréal
  • Canadian War Museum, Ottawa
  • Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa
  • Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary
  • Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, Calgary
  • Winspear Centre, Edmonton
  • Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton

Finally, Google is adding a new Directory tab to Maps that aims to help users find their way around buildings, such as directions in a large shopping centre.

Source: Google Maps