Google releases fix for Pixel 6 auto-dialing issue

Download the update if you're Pixel 6 is suffering from an auto-dialing issue

Google has finally fixed one of the Pixel 6 series’ most annoying bugs.

For those who are unaware, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro suffer from an issue that causes the device to dial people in your contact list randomly automatically. Now, according to Android Police, the problem has been remedied thanks to an update from Google.

The problem relates to Google Assistant’s hotword detection. You can now clear the Google app’s cache and settings to resolve the issue, but the only way to prevent it entirely is to disable the feature.

The problem was first spotted in early November shortly after the Pixel 6 series’ release. Google then announced a fix was on the way, and it is already here. This all happened in just 10 days, which is a pretty impressive response on Google’s part.

Google’s new flagship handsets also suffer from a flickering display problem that will be fixed in an upcoming December update. 

Source: Android Police