Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series will reportedly offer similar selfie camera

Another year, another 10-megapixel sensor

Expect similar selfie camera shots from Samsung’s rumoured Galaxy S22 series.

According to a leak from the Netherlands-based publication, GalaxyClub, Samsung is expected to feature the same 10-megapixel selfie sensor specs in its S22 and S22+ as it does in the S21 and S21+.

This is the fourth year in a row that Samsung’s S Series flagship has featured this sized sensor, going back as far as the S10. That said, the S22 Ultra will include a 40-megapixel selfie sensor, though this is still the same as both the S21 Ultra and S20 Ultra.

GalaxyClub didn’t provide any other information about the S22’s selfie camera, so there’s a possibility it could feature upgrades beyond its sensor size.

Based on recent leaks, Samsung’s S22 series is starting to look like another minor update to the S Series similar to the S21 lineup. With that in mind, last week rumours leaked regarding the S22 Ultra’s ability to dock the S Pen stylus, so at least one of the devices in the series could feature notable upgrades.

Source: GalaxyClub