Google Home update on Android brings digital TV remote to the masses

The next Google Home update should bring the remote to Canadians

Google is finally bringing its Android TV/Google TV remote to the Google Home app — at least on Android, and in the U.S. only.

While the tech giant has been making strides to improve its virtual TV remote and its availability, the latest version of the Google Home app is the perfect home for it; I just wish it would finally roll it out in Canada.

A report from 9to5Google states that the remote function is in ‘version 2.46’ of the Google Home app and that it’s currently rolling out to Android users. The update is set to come to iOS as well, but it’s uncertain when that update will release.

Google rolled out its new virtual remote within the Google TV app back in 2020. This app took its sweet time coming to Canada and finally (kind of) launched here in September of 2021. That said, while Google confirmed the app is officially coming, two months later, its Play Store listing still directs me to Google Play Movies and TV.

Then when Android 12 launched, Google said it would bring new Remote functions to the ‘Quick Toggles’ at the top of the notification shade. While this is true, I haven’t been able to sync it with my Google TV. This is likely because there’s no real Google TV app in Canada to set up the remote with.

9to5Google says that the version of the Google Home app that’s currently rolling out to Android phones also features the remote. While I’m happy about this because the Google Home app already has a spot on my home screen, I’m not seeing any app updates or the ability to trigger the remote on any of my Android devices yet.

If you’re luckier than me and can access the remote function, 9to5Google says you need to input a pairing code to connect the remote to your phone. This is likely why the Quick Toggle remote isn’t working for me.

Source: 9to5Google