Fitbit’s new Daily Readiness feature recommends how you should work out

Daily Readiness leverages fitness data to advise users whether to work out hard or take a rest day

Alongside Fibit’s reveal of the new Charge 5 fitness tracker in August, the company announced a new ‘Daily Readiness’ feature coming to several of its trackers and smartwatches. Daily Readiness is now rolling out to users.

First, Daily Readiness is part of the Fitbit Premium subscription, so those without the subscription won’t have access to the feature. Even if you have Premium, you’ll also need a Fitbit Sense, Versa 2 or 3, Charge 5, Luxe or Inspire 2 device to use it.

Daily Readiness leverages data from users’ Fitbit devices to provide a personalized score each morning indicating how ready the body is for exercise. Depending on the score, the Fitbit app can make recommendations about how best to exercise — or if you should exercise at all.

The score pulls data about users’ activity, heart rate variability (HRV) and sleep patterns to help determine the score. Fitbit says the score is built on “proven research” and that it can help improve users’ overall fitness by helping them mix high-intensity workouts and active recovery.

Image credit: Fitbit

To start using Daily Readiness, you’ll need to ensure your Fitbit app is up to date (version 3.50+ on Android or 3.49+ on iOS). With an up-to-date app, a Premium subscription, and a supported Fitbit wearable, you should see a new Daily Readiness card on the ‘Today’ screen in the Fitbit app.

To start using the new feature, however, users will have to navigate a short onboarding process. This includes providing consent to use the feature. Additionally, you’ll have to allow four days for Daily Readiness to calibrate. Once calibrated, Daily Readiness will show a score every morning (Sense and Versa 3 users will be able to see the score on-wrist) along with tips about how they should aim to exercise that day. Additionally, Daily Readiness will show a personalized Active Zone Minutes target and suggested Premium in-app workouts based on the score.

Those interested can learn more about Daily Readiness here.