Virgin Plus offering $55/25GB special deal in Ontario, Quebec until Nov. 30

Some Quebec users report seeing alternate offers like $40/10GB

Virgin Plus logo on an iPhone

Update 11/06/2021 at 9:52am ET: It appears Virgin has changed the promotion on its website from the previously listed $55/25GB plan to a $50/10GB plan. Unfortunately, that’s not really a special deal since that’s currently an in-market offer from the Bell flanker brand.

Bell flanker brand Virgin Mobile Plus has brought back its $55/mo 25GB special offer until November 30th.

Spotted by RedFlagDeals (RFD) user ‘JaneDoe1988,’ the $55/25GB plan is reportedly only available in Ontario and Quebec for bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) customers:

“Hook up with us today and get 25GB for $55/mo. When you bring your own phone. Jump on this exclusive limited time offer now. Offer ends November 30, 2021,” reads the Virgin Plus website. However, it appears the only way to get the deal is to call the number listed on the website.

Unfortunately, some RFD users reported that the link didn’t work for them. I was able to access the site without issue, but it seems your mileage may vary.

Additionally, some RFD users noted that when they called in, Virgin reps said the offer was only for new customers even though that detail wasn’t included on the website. Further, some Quebec customers are seeing different offers, including $50/15GB and $40/10GB when they navigate to the website.

Some RFD users also chimed in to note they were waiting for a similar deal from Koodo and Fido, but it’s not clear if (or when) one will become available.

All that is to say if you’re lucky enough to get the $55/25GB offer, you should probably take it if you can (and if it’s better than what you’ve got). A $55/25GB plan is quite a bit better than most of the in-market offers from Virgin, Fido and Koodo — just yesterday, I wrote a round-up of plans from the three flanker brands that include gems like $55/12GB and $70/15GB, neither of which comes remotely close to $55/25GB.

Anyway, you can click the source link below to check out the $55/25GB offer from Virgin Plus (and best of luck to you deal hunters).

Source: Virgin Plus Via: RFD