Google Stadia is bringing ‘Direct Touch’ gaming to iPhone and iPad

It currently only works with the game 'Humankind'

Google Stadia is finally bringing ‘Direct Touch’ gaming to the company’s iOS web app.

Direct Touch lets players directly interact with a game using a smartphone’s touchscreen, including tapping, sliding and pinching the screen. The feature will launch first with Sega’s Humankind turn-based strategy game.

As someone who has never used Stadia, it’s pretty shocking to learn this feature wasn’t available at launch, but its delay is likely tied to the fact that Google’s cloud servers need to accurately react to touchscreen presses.

To get the feature working you’ll need to head to a supported game (right now, this is only Humankind) through Stadia on your iPhone or iPad without a controller connected, and then Stadia offers the ‘Enable direct touch’ feature.

Direct Touch was originally only available through Stadia’s Android app.

Source: Stadia