Amazon apparently sucks at blocking banned products

The platform is likely just too big to adequately keep track of banned products

A new report showcases that if you’re an Amazon seller and the company blocks your products, you can relist without really needing to do anything.

The Verge discovered that banned brands from the parent company Sunvalley named RavPower, Vava and TaoTronics were being relisted as Rav, Vav and Taotronics, to get around their ban with basically zero effort on their part.

Another banned company called Choetech didn’t even change its name and was still able to relist.

The report from The Verge also mentions that even after it brought up the issue to Amazon, it took two more weeks for the company to vet and take down the banned products again.

The publication also states numerous other sellers are still selling these banned products on the platform. At the time of publication of this story, I couldn’t find any of the prohibited products on Amazon.ca.

It’s a little hard to be that critical of Amazon since it hosts millions of items, and there’s no way humans can keep on top of it. Still, this is yet another example of just how short Amazon falls when it comes to policing items sold on its platform.

Source: The Verge