Stadia Phone Link allows you to use your phone as a Stadia controller

At least you don't have to worry about analog stick drift ever again


You can now use your mobile phone as a controller for Stadia when playing games on a TV.

At launch, Google’s Stadia game streaming platform only worked with the official Stadia Controller. Then came support for third-party gamepads, like the PlayStation and Xbox controllers. Now, Stadia has launched a new feature called ‘Phone Link’ that allows Android and iOS devices to double as a touchscreen gamepad when playing Stadia on the Google TV, Android TV or the Chromecast Ultra.

As noted by 9to5Google, Phone Link also allows your smartphone to act as a bridge between unsupported controllers and your TV. You can use Phone Link to connect third-party controllers to your smartphone, which then transmits the signal to your TV, allowing you to use a controller that traditionally can’t connect to your TV through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This adds a little bit of response time delay and lag, but it’s better than having no third-party controller support at all.

Follow the steps below to connect your smartphone to a Stadia supported Android/Google TV and use it as a controller:

  • Launch the Stadia app on your TV
  • Launch the Stadia app on your smartphone
  • Tap the controller prompt and follow the instruction on the screen

Follow the steps below to connect your smartphone to Chromecast Ultra and use it as a controller:

  • Select the input to which your Chromecast Ultra is connected to your TV
  • A linking code should be visible on the Chromecast’s ambient mode screen.
  • Launch the Stadia app on your phone
  • Select the controller icon
  • Then, select Phone Touch Gamepad
  • Then choose Play on TV
  • Enter the linking code, and you’re good to go

Source: Stadia Via: 9to5Google