Canadian streamer recreates a Tim Horton store in Animal Crossing


This might be the most Canadian thing ever. Redditor u/elocinatlantis has recreated a Timmies store in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and it looks scarily accurate.

While the Redditor only shared one photo of his creation, it is enough to notice that the logo is perfectly replicated, the (out)standing stalls look good enough to eat off and its colour scheme is spot on.

The stalls also show a coffee mug along with what appears to be raspberry-filled donuts, further showcasing why Canadian’s love Tim Hortons. According to u/elocinatlantis, this is only the beginning of his “Canada themed island.” Who knows, maybe we’ll see an in-game replica of the CN Tower or the Parliament Hill soon, though I doubt that’ll be easy to recreate.

This small in-game recreation symbolizes the love Canadians have for Tim Hortons and is a major tribute to the long-serving chain.

Image credit: u/elocinatlantis

Source: u/elocinatlantis