Samsung begins offering door-to-door repair services in Canada

"Your Service" is the name of Samsung's repair portal

Samsung is bringing its “Your Service” repair portal to Galaxy users to Canada.

“Your Service” is Samsung’s online portal for expanding the service and support options of its quick door-to-door and walk-in repair services.

According to Samsung, the Your Service portal is a smart solution designed to provide Canadians with more options and flexibility for their customer service requirements.

“The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a shift away from in-person services, and while initially a temporary change, positive elements of the ‘new normal’ such as added convenience and efficiency can continue to benefit our customers,” said Frank Martino, vice president of corporate service at Samsung Canada, in a press statement.

“Whether it’s scheduling a door-to-door repair, requesting technical support from an expert, or tracking the status of a device in transit – we’re working to ensure that our customers across Canada can enjoy a seamless customer care experience.”

Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet owners can now use the Your Service online self-service portal. Additionally, wearable and laptop devices are supported for Door-to-Door repair, which can be scheduled via Live Chat or by calling Samsung.

Further, users can visit www.samsung.com/ca/galaxy-repair to schedule a device pickup right from their door. Before being delivered back to you, the device will be examined and fixed by an authorized Samsung Canada technician, along with being sanitized for decreased risk of disease transmission.

This service is accessible to both in-warranty and out-of-warranty Galaxy device users. You can visit samsung.com/ca/support/your-service to register a Galaxy smartphone or tablet or learn more about available services.

It’s worth noting that out-of-warranty devices will incur a retail repair cost. Learn more about the service here.

Image credit: Samsung

Source: Samsung