Vidéotron, Fido and Virgin Plus are offering a 20GB/$55 plan within Quebec

Back-to-school promotions have started to arrive

Vidéotron is holding a back-to-school promotion in Quebec where the carrier is offering 20GB of data for $55 per month if you bring your own device.

The plan includes unlimited calling and texting within Canada, unlimited Wi-Fi calling in 120 countries, call display, voicemail, exclusive rate for the QUB musique app and full-speed LTE data at all times.

And even though this is a back-to-school promotion, Vidéotron states that you can take advantage of it “even if you’re not a student.”

It’s worth noting that other carriers like Fido and Virgin Plus are matching Vidéotron’s price and offering 20GB of data for $55 per month.

You can learn more about Vidéotron’s promotion here, while Fido’s offer is available here.

Follow the link to find Virgin Plus’ rate plan list. Then, scroll down until you reach the 20GB/$55 offer and click ‘Select Plan.’

Image credit: Vidéotron

Source: Vidéotron