Redditor shares photos of custom SNES Pokémon Red and Blue cartridges

The cartridges have link ports too!

Reddit user, Mabeckham, shared images of a recent project he was working on — a pair of customized Pokémon SNES cartridges, one for Red and one for Blue.

These cartridges are real and functional, which implies they were a hassle to assemble and aren’t exactly cheap.

The Pokemon SNES carts “use the internals of a Super Game Boy cart, with a clock speed fix chip and a link port added so that you can actually trade Pokemon via link cable, and authentic Pokemon boards with new batteries installed,” says u/Mabeckham in the Reddit post.

According to the creator, making these custom cartridges is complicated and takes up a lot of time. You need to cut out the inside of a cartridge shell as well as cut out a hole for the link port. You also need to know how to paint the shells properly and have the overall knowledge to put it all together in a durable way.

Check the image below to see the working internals of the cartridge:

Image credit: u/Mabeckham

Source: Reddit (Mabeckham)