Trade in your old Switch and get the new OLED model for $149 at EB Games

You can also trade in a Switch Lite and get the new one for $249.99

OLED Switch Dock

The all-new Nintendo Switch (OLED model) is up for pre-order at multiple retailers across Canada for $449.

If you already own a regular Nintendo Switch or a Switch Lite and want to upgrade to the new OLED model, EB Games has a solid deal for you.

According to EB Games’ website, you can trade in your regular Nintendo Switch and get the new OLED model for just $149.99.

Similarly, you can trade-in your Nintendo Switch Lite and get the OLED model for $249.99.

There are some terms and conditions that are worth noting. First of all, this offer is only applicable if you’re pre-ordering the new Switch and only while pre-order quantities last. Secondly, the Switch or Switch Lite you trade-in must be in “full working condition” with no hardware alterations. Lastly, this offer is applicable in stores only and upon the store manager’s approval once they inspect the device you’re trading in.

The trade-in promo is applicable from July 22nd to July 28th, so if you’re looking to upgrade, better act quickly.

Source: EB Games, Via: RFD