Some Samsung Galaxy S20 users are experiencing white and green screens of death

The screen goes completely white or green, rendering the device useless

Galaxy S20 series

Several Samsung Galaxy S20 series owners are complaining about a display problem that causes their phones to become useless.

Back in May, a number of S20+ and S20 Ultra users started saying that their displays are showing scan lines, which get worse until the screen is left completely white or green.

A Samsung moderator suggested that users should boot the phone in safe mode to reset it; however, that didn’t seem to help.

Some users said that the only way to fix the issue is to get the display completely replaced. Unfortunately, the S20 released in February of 2020 and if you were an early buyer, you’d be completely out of your warranty.

It’s worth mentioning that most of these reports seem to be related to the Exynos variant of the S20 series, which is not available in Canada. At this moment, it’s hard to say whether Canadian handsets are also experiencing this issue.

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Source: SamMobile, Mabsen via YouTube