Google introduces Android Game Development Kit

It will help developers build, optimize, and publish high-quality Android games

As part of its Google for Games Developer Summit 2021 event, Google has announced the availability of the Android Game Development Kit, a suite of tools and libraries to help developers build, optimize and publish high-quality Android games.

Primarily, the Android Game Development Kit will cover three major areas:

  • Integrated workflows: This will allow developers to incorporate the Android Game Development Kit with existing projects.
    C/C++ game libraries: Google is now providing C and C++ gaming libraries that decrease reliance on JNI and Java for Android development.
  • Performance optimization: Google aims to offer performance optimization for games via Android Game Development Kit. This is possible through Frame profiling in Android GPU Inspector, a slew of CPU, memory, and power profilers in Android Studio, and a new loading function in Android Performance Tuner.

You can learn more about the Android Game Development Kit here. To get started with using the kit, click here.

Google also announced a new feature called ‘Play as You Download,’ which will let users hop into a game while it’s still downloading. Read more about it here.

Source: Google Blog