Android 12 will let you play games as they download

'Play as you download' aims to help Android users start playing before a game is entirely downloaded


Google is launching an update that will bring a new gaming experience to Android 12 devices.

The new feature, called ‘Play as You Download,’ will let users hop into a game while — as you may have already guessed — it’s still downloading.

Google announced the feature during its recent Games Summit keynote that runs from July 12th through to the 13th.

This is different from Android’s Instant Apps, which lets users launch smaller apps or games without requiring them to be installed. ‘Play as You Download,’ on the other hand, is designed for games larger than 400mb.

Another update that aims to enhance the Android gaming experience with Android 12 is the new Game Dashboard. It offers quick access to functions like screen recording and screenshots. Devices from companies like Asus and OnePlus already have their own version of the Game Dashboard, but now even Pixel smartphones will include the functionality.

Additionally, Google is now letting developers take advantage of new Game Mode APIs to help optimize apps better. The feature will help games run more efficiently when an Android device is in battery save mode and when the handset is set to ‘Performance,’ the game will receive a boost in resolution and frame rate.

Further, Google is launching the Android Games Development kit to give developers more tools to help their games better.

Google’s upcoming Android 12 includes all of these new gaming features as well as a major redesign called ‘Material You.’

Source: The Verge, Android