New Brunswick begins offering $5,000 electric vehicle rebate

Residents can also get $2,500 off used EV purchases

Now that New Brunswick has an electric vehicle rebate, east coast drivers can get a significant chunk of their EV purchase back.

Beyond the new incentive, the province will give EV owners $750 credit towards installing a level 2 charger at their homes. Further, people who plan to buy a hybrid or a used EV can get $2,500 off.

These rebates can be combined with the federal $5,000 incentive for $10,000 off. There are also 134 level two chargers, 28 fast chargers and 48 Tesla superchargers in the province, according to Global News. 

“This incentive program will help New Brunswickers purchase an electric vehicle, and it will help us meet our target of 20,000 electric vehicles by 2030,’’ said natural resources and energy development minister Mike Holland, in a press release.

There is no mention of what cars qualify for the rebate or if there’s a price limit similar to the one that’s part of the federal incentive. MobileSyrup has reached out to the government for more information.

Other Canadian rebates are as follows:

  • P.E.I. — $5,000
  • Nova Scotia — $3,000
  • Newfoundland and Labrador — $2,500
  • Quebec — $8,000
  • Britsh Columbia — $3,000
  • North West territories — $5,000
  • Yukon — $5,000

Source: New Brunswick, Global News