Tesla delivers 201,250 cars in Q2 2021

This tops the previous quarter by roughly 15,000 units

In Q2 of 2021, Tesla built 206,421 vehicles, indicating that the company is experiencing a bit of a manufacturing upswing. This is the most cars the company has ever built and delivered in a single quarter.

Customers ordered 1,890 Model S/X vehicles, with a huge bulk of the orders being the Model 3/Y, amounting to a total of 199,250 delivered cars last quarter.

Given Tesla has still managed to grow amid recent industry-wide parts shortages, the company will likely continue to build and sell cars for at least a few more quarters. What will be the most interesting is how the Cybertruck will affect Tesla’s production and sales when it releases later this year in the U.S. and early next year in Canada.

Source: Tesla