Chevrolet Canada to install 240-volt chargers with new Bolt purchases for free

All EVs should offer something like this for at least the next five years

Chevy is launching a new initiative in Canada that covers the cost of a standard 240-volt charger, allowing new Chevy Bolt owners to install a level 2 charger right where they park at home.

This deal is available to anyone who buys or leases either the new 2022 Chevrolet Bolt or Bolt EUV. However, when trying to build the Bolt EUV online, I couldn’t find any information about this offer. Therefore, if you’re actually planning to buy or lease a Bolt, the full terms of the deal are available here. 

The press release also says that the Bolt EUV (the larger crossover style) comes with a Dual Level charging cable that will plug into the 240-volt outlet. However, regular Bolt EV owners will need to buy this separately.

The press release says that the Bolt EUV can get 40km of range with the special cord, and the regular Bolt can get 41km per hour. This isn’t a bad amount, but it’s at odds with what the Chevy website says. According to Chevy’s website, with level 2 charging the EUV can get up to 59km of ranger per hour and the regular Bolt can get 62km.

If you don’t need a level 2 240-volt outlet for your car, GM is offering drivers a $750 FLO gift card instead. FLO is a popular charging station brand, so this would likely give drivers free fast charging (if they live near a FLO station) for over a year. You can find out more about it here.

Overall, this is a pretty great idea and one that most new Bolt owners should definitely take advantage of if they can. I hope more GM vehicles follow suit and also come bundled with a free 240-volt outlet installation.

Source: GM Canada