Koodo, Virgin Mobile and Fido offer unlimited text and talk for $25 per month

Typically this plan costs $35, so this is $10 in savings

Koodo, Fido and Virgin Mobile are running a new promotion for those who don’t actually need any data.

The major carrier sub-brands are currently offering $25 per month for unlimited talk, unlimited text, call display, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling and unlimited Canada-wide family calling.

If you want to use data with any of these plans, you’ll need to pay per usage. Typically this plan is $35, so this is a savings of $10.

At Fido, this is only a bring-your-own-device promotion. However, with Koodo and Virgin Mobile, this promotion is both available for BYOD customers and those purchasing a new handset.

Correction: June 16th, 2021: This promotion is also available with Koodo if you’re looking to purchase a new handset as well.