Lucky Mobile flash sale offers a month of free service to new customers

This offer ends on June 11

If you’re looking for a basic phone plan and you don’t use data that often, this deal from Lucky Mobile gives you a free month of service.

To get the deal, you’ll need to buy a SIM card from the carrier. While you can find these at select stores around Canada like Dollarama or Giant Tiger, you’ll need to buy one on the carrier’s website for $5 to get the deal. The fine print on the site says that you can visit either of the stores I mentioned above to find another deal.

If you sign up for the offer, you’ll need to pay for your first month of service, but a bill credit will be applied to your second month, giving you that month for free.

Buying these SIM Cards for this plan are only on sale until June 11th, but if you grab one, you can wait until at least July 9th to activate it to still get your free month.

You can learn more about the deal on Lucky Mobile’s website. One thing to remember about Lucky is that the carrier throttles all users down to 3G speeds. Therefore if you plan to use a lot of data, you may be better off with a larger brand.

Source: Lucky Mobile