Apple’s ‘Move to iOS’ app for Android users gets first update in five years

These new features won't work until iOS 15 drops in the fall

After five years, Apple is finally adding new features to its ‘Move to iOS’ app on Android.

The app allows new iPhone owners to transfer a lot of their data from Android to iOS. Before the update, it transferred message history, photos, videos, bookmarks, contacts, mail account info, local songs, wallpapers, among other things.

With the new update, users can now bring over photo albums, files, folders and some accessibility settings. However, this won’t come into play for iPhone users until iOS 15 drops this fall.

Apple didn’t just update the app either. According to MacRumors, new iPhone users will be presented with a QR code during setup that directs users to download the Move to iOS app.

Source: MacRumors