Google app on iOS now gives you an option to customize widget backgrounds

You can also set the widget to 'Daily Refresh' so its background updates daily

Many Google apps introduced support for updated home screen widgets with the release of iOS 14 last year, including Google Search, Photos, Calendar, YouTube Music and more. Now, to freshen things up, Google has added attractive customizable backgrounds for its Search widget that can refresh daily so your home screen never gets monotonous.

Google’s app on iOS features two widgets. The first one is a simple 1×1 Google Search shortcut, while the other one combines Google Search with access to Voice Search, Google Lens and Incognito Mode.

Initially, the backgrounds for the widget were either light or dark to fit the system theme. Since then, Google has modified these widgets to enable custom backgrounds. To set your personalized widget background, head to the Google app on your iPhone -> tap your avatar located on the top right corner -> click on Settings -> then General -> Widgets and finally, Widget Theme.

The first option, system default, follows whatever your iPhone/iPad theme is, whereas ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ allows you to set your theme regardless of your device’s setting.

Then there is ‘Earth,’ ‘Travel,’ ‘Abstract Art’ and ‘Solid Colours.’ All of these options have several different background configurations for you to choose from. Most importantly, you can also set the widget to ‘Daily Refresh’ so its background updates daily

Via: 9to5Google