First electric Lamborghini will release roughly five years from now

Between now and then, we're going to get four hybrid Lambos

Lamborghini is jumping on the electric vehicle (EV) hype train — at some point.

The supercar manufacturer announced today that it’s planning to start releasing hybrid versions of all of its cars by 2024, with the first model coming off the line in 2023. The real news though is that the Italian home of hypercars will release a fully electric car in the second half of this decade.

This is actually pretty exciting since the EV will feature an all-new vehicle design and isn’t based on the existing Lamborghini lineup like its hybrids are. The company even says that the new electric car will be positioned at the top of its segment.

Still, this car is likely five or more years away at this point, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for it. If you do have a ton of cash to burn and you want a slick EV, I’d recommend the Porsche Taycan in blue. 

Source: Lamborghini