Samsung surpasses Apple in worldwide smartphone shipments in Q1 2021

Xiaomi rounded out the top three

The worldwide smartphone market grew 27 percent in Q1 2021, according to new data from analytics firm Canalys.

Global smartphone shipments reached 347 million units in the quarter. Samsung took first place with 76.5 million units shipped, overtaking Apple with a 22 percent share of the market.

Apple came in second with 52.4 million units shipped and a 15 percent share of the market. Canalys notes that although the iPhone 12 Mini sold below expectations, Apple saw strength in the rest of the iPhone 12 line and also saw demand for the older iPhone 11.

Xiaomi rounded out the top three after seeing a 62 percent growth in shipments. The company had its best single-quarter performance ever with 49 million units shipped.

Oppo and Vivo came in fourth and fifth place, shipping 37.6 million units and 36.0 million units, respectively.

“Huawei, which no longer includes Honor, is now in seventh place with 18.6 million units, as the former world number one remains shackled by US sanctions,” Canalys notes.

The report outlines that LG’s decision to exit the smartphone market presents new opportunities for the likes of Motorola, TCL, Nokia and ZTE.

Canalys notes that the supply of critical components has become a major concern and will likely impact smartphone shipments in the coming quarters. The shortages are expected to present a unique advantage for larger companies since they have the power to negotiate allocation.

This is expected to put more pressure on smaller brands, which could eventually be “forced to follow LG out of the door.”

Source: Canalys