Here’s everything new in the Google Meet April update

This update will help save your device's battery by limiting CPU usage


Meet’s April update adds a variety of new quality of life features to Google’s video conferencing app.

Below are all of the most significant changes to the platform:

Saver mode

Thanks to this newly added feature, mobile users will now use considerably less data while still maintaining the same audio and video quality during meetings. This feature will also conserve your smartphone’s battery by limiting CPU performance while still maintaining the app’s quality.

To learn more about saver mode, click here.


This gives all the participants in a meeting the ability to ask questions. The handy new feature is especially useful for remote learning. After the meeting ends, the moderator gets a detailed report of all the questions asked during the call. This feature is only available to users with Google Workspace editions.

To learn more about the Q&A feature, click here.


The meeting moderator/host will now have the ability to create polls for participants to vote on. After the meeting ends, the moderator will receive an email with all the polling results, along with the participants’ names.

This feature is only available to G Suite Business, Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise plus users. It’s also available to teachers and students with Google Workspace for Education Plus accounts.

To learn more about polling options, click here.

Safety controls for Education users

Moderators can now add or remove people from an active Google Meet video call along with access to inviting people from outside your organization. The update also features the option to bulk admit or bulk deny people from joining the meeting.

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Moderators can prevent participants from sending chat messages in a video call. Participants will still retain access to reading all messages that the moderator types in the chat. Google Workspace also gives moderators the ability to restrict participants from sharing or presenting their screen.

End meeting for all on iOS

The update now grants moderators on an iOS device the ability to end a video call for all participants at once, alleviating the challenge of removing participants manually.

You can learn more here.

Source: Google