Cyber Gadget’s latest Gyro Controller Pro is a game changer

The controller even supports Nintendo Switch motion controls

Cyber Gadget's new controller come in multiple colourways

Whether you prefer a symmetrical joystick layout like with Sony’s DualShock gamepads or an asymmetrical one like an Xbox controller, Cyber Gadget’s ‘Gyro Controller Pro’ is one of the most customizable gamepads ever released.

This Japanese-manufactured controller can be used with the Retro Freak, the Retro Freak Basic, the Nintendo Switch and PC. The Retro Freak is a retro clone console of playing cartridges from 12 different systems, including the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and more.

The Gyro Controller Pro is customizable with part replacements, macro functionality, different analog stick height options, and can be used wirelessly with the Switch and Switch Lite. On PC and with the Retro Freak, the controller needs to be plugged in with a provided 1m cable.

A blue Cyber Gadget controller in storage bag with all attachments.

The 174g gamepad supports various Nintendo Switch features, including gyro motion-sensing with supported games. The gamepad is equipped with four trigger buttons on the back, which are easy to push and can be moved around or completely removed when not in use. These triggers can also be programmed to mimic other buttons on the gamepad or as custom macros.

The Gyro Controller Pro controller is available in a variety of colours: ‘Blue x White,’ ‘White x Blue,’ ‘Blue x Black,’ ‘Red x Black,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Blue’ (online only) and ‘White’ (online only.)

Cyber Gadget’s website lists controllers at 7,678 yen (roughly CAD $87), but according to Tiny Cartridge, the gamepad is expected to cost $70 CAD.

Though expensive, the price seems fair considering the vast amount of customization the controller is capable of and because it comes with a storage bag to organize and store the extra buttons.

Image Credit: Cyber Gadget

Source: Cyber Gadget