Best Buy Mobile offering 10GB/$40 plans in-store only [Deal is over]

The deal is only available today

Best Buy

Update 01/04/2021: Best Buy’s recent sale that offered 10GB for $40 is over. That being said, this deal was a response to mall kiosk-like mobile stores offering similar discounts.

If you’re really looking for a plan this good, it wouldn’t hurt to call places like WirelessWave or The Mobile Shop to see if they have similar offers.

Best Buy Mobile is offering bring your own device plans that include 10GB of data for $40 per month.

Unfortunately, the deal is only available in-stores despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Still, it helps the company compete with other in-person smartphone retailers like The Mobile Shop.

The Best Buy deal sets users up on either Koodo, Virgin Mobile or Fido. For additional context, Koodo runs on Telus’ network, Virgin is on Bell and Fido is Rogers, so make sure where you live has service from the carrier you choose.

These plans are only available on March 31st. Generally, 10GB plans like this cost $50 or more.

The only other notable fine print that BestBuy shares is that this promo isn’t available in Quebec.

Source: Best Buy