Latest Tutela report ranks Telus as best mobile experience provider in Canada

The carrier had the highest ‘excellent consistent quality’ at 88.4 percent

Vancouver-based national carrier Telus is said to deliver the best mobile experience in Canada, according to Tutela’s latest report.

The report examines data from September 2020 to February 2021 and looks at latency, upload speeds, download speeds, core consistent quality and excellent consistent quality.

Telus ranked first in two of the six measures tested in the report and tied with Bell in two other categories. The carrier had the highest ‘excellent consistent quality’ at 88.4 percent, which Tutela says indicates that it provides Canada’s best mobile experience.

Tutela examines this category by measuring when connections are good enough for demanding apps such as 1080p video streaming, real-time mobile gaming and HD video calling.

“Telus also had the highest core consistent quality at 95.2 percent, which represents how often consumers can access applications like SD video streaming, social media sharing or web browsing,” the report states.

Bell and Telus tied for the fastest download speeds and highest coverage score categories. Bell also topped ranks as the most responsive network, which is measured using median one-way latency, at 17.1ms. Toronto-based national carrier Rogers took the top spot for the fastest median upload speed at 15.8Mbps.

Tutela notes that the report reveals that Canada’s national operators reported performance results well above the average in many other countries.

“The battleground for the top spot in mobile experience can be a tough one for operators to pull away from, and this will continue to be true now with investments in 5G currently underway in Canada,” said Tutela vice-president Tom Luke.

“Operators will need to ensure that their rollout strategy not only maintains Canada’s reputations for outstanding network speeds, but also focuses on other metrics of network experience that can be pivotal to a user’s experience like packet loss and latency.”

Tutela says it evaluated nearly 900,000 speed and latency tests conducted on real-world users’ smartphones to compile this report.