Netflix rolls out TikTok-like ‘Fast Laughs’ feature on iOS

The streaming giant says it's going to start testing the feature on Android soon

Neftlix is rolling out a new TikTok-like mobile feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ that displays short funny videos from TV shows and movies.

The streaming giant started testing the feature late last year, and has announced that it’s rolling out now on iOS. Users can watch and share the short clips on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

You can choose to add series or shows to your watchlist. There’s also a ‘Play’ button that lets users watch the show or movie right away.

“Fast Laughs offers a full-screen feed of funny clips from our big comedy catalog including films (Murder Mystery), series (Big Mouth), sitcoms (The Crew) and stand-up from comedians like Kevin Hart and Ali Wong,” Netflix outlined in the announcement post.

Users can access the feed through the bottom navigation menu by clicking on the ‘Fast Laughs’ tab. From there, the clips will start automatically playing one after the other.

It makes sense for Netflix to add a TikTok-like feature considering the social media giant’s growing popularity. Further, Netflix has said it considers the app to be a major competitor.

Although Netflix and TikTok output different sorts of content, if people are spending more time on TikTok, they’re likely spending less time on Netflix. Since people have become accustomed to watching short and funny videos, Netflix has found a way to allow them to do so in its own app.

Netflix notes that it’s going to start testing the feature on Android soon.

Source: Netflix