Google’s Pixel 4 to get enhanced AR performance by using its dual camera

The update is hitting Pixel 4 devices first, but it's unknown what handsets will get it next

Google’s Pixel 4 and 4 XL are getting a new augmented reality-focused update.

The Google Play Services for augmented reality (AR) app has been updated to allow the ARCore SDK to place virtual objects in mixed reality using the smartphone’s motion sensors, light sensors, processor and cameras.

This update will also let Google’s handsets use dual cameras for stereo depth on devices that support the technology. The feature was spotted as an update for the Pixel 4 handsets, and it’s currently unknown if other Pixel devices will also support the feature.

Android Police, which first spotted the update, says that dual-camera support will roll out in the coming weeks.

The Pixel 4 series offers a primary shooter and a telephoto lens, so it’s unclear if the update will also work for handsets with ultra-wide cameras as the secondary shooter.

The Google Play Services for AR app is automatically installed and updated on supported devices.

Source: Android Police