What do you want to see in Android 12?

The OS update's final release is still several months away

Google recently launched the first build of its Android 12 Developer Preview.

The preview is aimed at developers and requires users to flash their handset, so many of you reading this are probably still living in an Android 11 world.

In terms of new features, the Android 12 Developer Preview makes it easier to copy/paste images and videos. There’s also an upgrade to haptics that makes the feature work with audio. This should improve the gaming experience and offers enhanced vibration.

The Android 12 Developer Preview also allows Pixel 5 users to finally hide the smartphone’s front-facing camera and includes a new notification style for conversations in different apps.

This is only the first developer preview, and Google will have a few more coming as well as beta releases. The final version of Android 12 will likely launch in August or September.

With all this in mind, what feature do you want to see in Android 12?

Let us know in the comments below.