Tesla Model Y trims with heated steering wheels come to Canada

It's unclear how quickly this feature will roll out

Anyone who ordered the Telsa Model Y that expects to get their vehicle soon may get a slightly newer version of the EV with a heated steering wheel.

When the crossover first launched, it didn’t include this feature, much to the disdain of Canadians with cold fingers, but now Tesla appears to be adding it to its Model Ys. The first variants to include heated steering wheels were released in China, according to Teslarati. The feature eventually spread to the U.S. and is now making its way across Canada, according to a social media post picked up by Tesla North

You can find this new feature under the heated seat section on the infotainment screen.

Alongside the new heated steering wheel, the Model Y is also receiving auto-dimming mirrors. That said, since Tesla makes the car in a few different places, it will likely take a little while before all-new Model Y’s include this functionality.

Source: Tesla North, Teslarati