Huawei to launch Mate X2 foldable on February 22

The foldable smartphone likely won't come to the Canadian market

It looks like Huawei is planning to reveal a new foldable handset later this month.

According to the company’s official Weibo account, a foldable device called the Huawei Mate X2 will launch on February 22nd.

This time it looks like the display folds inwards, which is the opposite of the company’s outward folding devices like the Mate Xs and the Mate X. Previously, it looked like Huawei was against making a foldable device similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold lineup, but the company seems to have backtracked. This is likely due to Samsung’s success with handsets that feature this design.

Huawei’s business group CEO Richard Yu also said that the device is “full of surprises.” However, beyond the fact that the phone is coming, there’s not much else we know about the Mate X2.

It’s worth noting that the device will likely not make its way to Canada given Huawei’s previous foldable devices haven’t officially released in the Canadian market.

Image Credit: Huawei Weibo

Source: Weibo Via: Engadget