Koodo offering $60/16GB and $75/20GB plans for a limited time

New customers have until the end of the day to grab the deal

Koodo website on iPhone

Koodo is now offering new bonus data deals.

The plans offer bonus data to new customers joining Koodo or if you’re activating a new phone.

Here are the deals:

  • $50 for 8GB of data
  • $55 for 12GB of data
  • $60 for 16GB of data
  • $75 for 20GB of data

Oddly enough, the deals have two different end dates depending on whether you’re a new customer or if you’re upgrading. Those who are new to Telus — either bring-your-own-device customers or those activating a new handset — have until the end of today to get this new deal. Existing customers upgrading their phones have until January 14th.

If you’re already with Koodo, don’t want to upgrade your handset and no longer have a Tab of any sort, you’re going to want to contact the carrier directly and type “schedule a callback” in the chatbox. After doing so, you can speak with a representative directly. This is how I’m typically able to get these deals, with me saying something along the lines of “can I speak with someone higher up?”

These plans also feature unlimited Canada-wide minutes, unlimited messaging, call display, voicemail, call waiting and conference calling.

Koodo recently offered nearly identical deals during Boxing Week. 

Source: Koodo