TikTok launches its first AR effect powered by Apple’s LiDAR scanner

The platform say that it’s 'excited to develop more innovative effects in 2021'

TikTok on the App Store

TikTok has released its first AR effect that uses the iPhone 12 Pro’s LiDAR sensor to interact with users’ surroundings.

The social media platform says that the LiDAR sensor allows it to “create effects that interact with your environment, visually bridging the digital and physical worlds.”

The effect is essentially a ball drop filter that counts down from ten and drops confetti that lands on people or things in your room.

The effect seems to be a few days late, as it would’ve been more useful a few days ago on New Year’s. However, TikTok says that it’s “excited to develop more innovative effects in 2021.”

TikTok isn’t the only social media app that has jumped on board with support for one of Apple’s more recent features, as Snapchat launched support for the LiDAR sensor back in October 2020. Snapchat allows users to create their own AR filters for the app.

Source: TikTok