Samsung’s HDR10+ Adaptive adapts to room lighting

HDR10+ is coming to Samsung's upcoming QLED TVs

Samsung has announced that its HDR10+ Adaptive feature will launch globally with the company’s upcoming QLED TV products.

HDR10+ Adaptive adapts to brighter rooms to create a better cinematic experience. While HDR content is typically optimized for darkened environments, not everyone’s viewing experience is the same, as room lighting, time of day and proximity to windows can also affect picture quality.

However, HDR10+ Adaptive supports scene optimization and will adjust to any room’s lighting condition. The feature uses a TV’s light sensor for optimization.

Additionally, the HDR10+ Adaptive supports Filmmaker Mode, a display setting developed in partnership with filmmakers, studios, and consumer electronics manufacturers. Samsung teamed up with Amazon Prime Video to create Filmmaker Mode, and now all Prime Video HDR content is automatically delivered in HDR10+ Adaptive.

HDR10+ Adaptive works similarly to Dolby Vision IQ, a display spec that released last year. It also tweaks its HDR output by taking into account the lighting conditions. Since Samsung and Dolby have yet to reach an agreement regarding Dolby Vision IQ licensing, this is the next best thing for Samsung QLED TVs.

Source: Samsung