Crayta available free for Stadia users until January 5

You can claim the game even without a Stadia Pro subscription, making it absolutely free to play

Google Stadia’s exclusive game creation engine, Crayta, is now free for both Stadia Pro and regular Stadia users.

Typically, Stadia Pro subscribers would be able to add Crayta to their library for free and regular Stadia users would have to fork over $49.99 for the game. However, until January 5th, 2021, anyone can get the game for free.

Non-Pro Stadia users can claim the Crayta: Premium Edition, while Stadia Pro subscribers can get the Crayta: Deluxe Edition for free. The primary difference between the two is the amount of in-game currency and cosmetics included with the package.

To get Crayta, just log in to Stadia and search the Store for it (or click this link). Once on the store page, you can click the purchase button to get the game. It’s worth noting Stadia will ask for payment details, but it won’t charge you for the game.

As for Crayta itself, the game is all about building games. Players can hop into blank worlds and start building puzzles, adventures and more. There are all kinds of tools and menus users can mess with to build a game, plus ways to share the game with others.

Overall, Crayta looks like a fun time and, if not necessarily a game I’d play, I may check it out for free. You can learn more about Crayta here.

Source: 9to5Google